Our Network is our partners. Well-established and distinguished scientists, experts in their field, assess each patient for a complete and comprehensive treatment. This way they contribute to the establishment and development of “pelmatografima-elite” network.

Our philosophy is the direct and reciprocal cooperation with you, which leads on one hand to a complete and comprehensive care of your patients and on the other hand, to increase profits for you.


Advantages of our Network

  • A direct, substantial and seamless relation-cooperation between the doctor and the well-established orthotics manufacturer
  • A cooperation with no third parties involved, thus no further charge for you
  • An excellent provision of service and respect for the patient
  • Orthotics are delivered in time with no extra cost for the patient
  • Orthotics are delivered within two days from placement of order
  • A team of podiatrists are available to respond to any needs that might arise
  • A team of graduates in computer engineering and medical equipment operators are available for your foot analysis platform maintenance service or any other technical problem that might arise
  • Our team of economists can provide solutions to any problems that might arise
  • Our network and partners are promoted through all major television channels
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    From all the above-mentioned it is made clear that being a part of this Network makes you part of a big family that tries to promote and enhance provided quality and financial turnover of its members.

    The great benefit of “pelmatografima-elite” in relation to other networks is the direct and seamless cooperation between the doctor and the orthotics manufacturer.

    Through this cooperation our aim is to provide excellent service to your patient with no third parties involved (therefore there is no extra charge or time consuming proceedings) catering to your patients’ wants and needs at the lowest cost possible.